James Jason | Software Engineer

This is a piano made using Web Audio API. Web Audio API is a powerful library to control audio on the web. This API allows developers to add effects to audio, create visualizations and apply spacial effects.

Parity Drive in RAID 3

I love making educational applications. This one is my favorite out of a few I have made. It demonstrates the concept of a parity drive used in RAID 3. Its an interactive application which contains 5 steps. Each step has a description of how it can be completed. All the steps (except step one) are initially hidden. A user can move on to the next step only when he/she completes the current step.

Tessel Projects

Tessel is a small server that can be programmed with javascript. Tessel can connect to various modules. For instance you can connect a climate module to it and then programmatically probe that module for information about the temperature and humidity. One of my tessel projects uses the climate module to display real time temperature and humidity information on my website.

Goldie's Jewelry

This is an eCommerce website made for a local jewelry store. It features a secure shopping card which is integrated with PayPal and Google Checkout to provide more payment methods to customers. The website utilizes Google Web Search API. Google Analytics was also used to track progress.

Project AIM

AIM was a software engineering course project. The requirements specification was supplied by the instructor. In the first half of the semester we had the responsibility of designing various diagrams (mainly UML and diagrams, activity diagrams and sequence diagrams). In the second half we used the technologies of our own choice to implement the project.

Region Picker Game

This is a geography game made for a java programing course. When the game loads the player sees a map of the chosen country. The player is then presented with a state name to find and click on. If the player is correct, the state turns green and the player is presented with a new state to find, otherwise it turns red and the number of incorrect guesses is incremented by one. The player loses if the number of incorrect guesses exceeds a predefined threshold.

Simple POS Java Application

A Simple POS Java Application, this was the last project of an introductory database structures course. It was meant to introduce the java swing library ( lightweight library to create GUI applications ), sorting data and saving application state before quitting for later retrieval.