James Jason | Software Engineer
About Me

Hi, I majored in Computer Science at Stony Brook University. I discovered my passion for computers at a very young age. Although, my vision for the possibilities that computers offer has changed significantly, my passion is the same.

There are currently two subfields, one of which I’m going to pursue.
1) Computers have already transformed many aspects of our lives. One field where I think there is a need, and a potential for much greater change is the field of education. Learning should be a fun activity. Us programmers are able to make learning as fun as playing a video game. One website that caught my attention is phet.colorado.edu. They have built interactive game-like simulations for teaching purposes. From personal experience, I can say that this is a much more fun and engaging way of learning a new scientific concept.
2) Our algorithms professor used to work with biologists. Sometimes he shared his experience of working with them with us in class. The human genome encodes all the information necessary for building a person. Our professor's task was to help improve existing techniques for DNA sequencing. This is just one example of using computer science principles to gain a better understanding of biological systems. There are many other areas in the growing field of computational biology where computer science principles are applicable. I find computational biology very exiting.

I will peruse game programming regardless of which of the two above career paths I choose. Game programming is useful for both and especially for the first one. There are many similarities between building games and building interactive educational applications. I also believe that out of the many programing tasks, game programming is the most challenging. It helps one become a better programmer even if the knowledge gained is not intended to be used for building games.

James Jason